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5 Old School Cleaning Solutions that still Work Today

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Natural Cleaning ProductsIf you are fed up testing expensive cleaning solutions that never seem to get the job done right, perhaps the time has come to go old school. There are certain natural products that contribute to a green cleaning routine, which is not only healthy, but also highly effective.

It pays to experiment with various products, especially if you are not happy with the result you are getting from your cleaning. Why not resort to the very same solutions that earlier generations used to deal with various home cleaning chores?

1. Lemons
Who would have guessed that apart from using lemons to squirt juice on your fish, you can also utilise these citrus fruits in various domestic cleaning tasks? For instance, lemons make great copper and brass cleaners - simply cut a lemon in half, sprinkle with salt and rub it onto the surface. You can also bleach acidic food stains by rubbing lemon juice on the spots. The same technique can be used to combat food smells on wooden spoons.

2. Essential Oils
Essential oils have long been regarded as excellent cleaners. One popular use is to mix 10 drops of lemongrass or lavender in around 50ml of water and use that for an effective window cleaning solution. Notice as it easily deals with grime and also provides a barrier against flies. As a bonus, your home will smell divine! 

3. Distilled white vinegar
Vinegar is regarded as the cleaning champion of your home, and it is for a good reason. Vinegar acts as a mould and mildew suppressant, so donít be afraid to utilise it in your kitchen and bathroom cleaning routines. You can also make a 50/50 water/vinegar mix for a streak-free window cleaner. Vinegar can also be used to remove wet rings from tables and other furniture - simply rub the stained area with a mix of vinegar and beeswax to see the cleaning action reveal.

4. Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide makes for another great addition to your household deep cleaning efforts. For instance, you can mix it with a liquid soap for a strong solution to clean and disinfect waste bines and cat litter boxes. In addition to that, hydrogen peroxide can easily disinfect cutting boards. An extra usage: mix 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide with a quarter cup of water to create a great vegetable and fruit cleaning solution.  After washing, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

5. Baking soda
Enter one of the most readily available and highly effective cleaning solution to be found in your home - baking soda. It is a fantastic product to scrub surfaces with, namely concrete and utensils. One of the most famous uses of soda is as a deodoriser. Place some in your fridge to remove unpleasant odour or purify the carpet in the living room. Take on stains on grout by mixing a cup of warm water and 3 cups of baking soda. Baking soda also makes for an amazing all-natural oven cleaning solution - coat the interior with a soda/water paste, let it sit overnight and then wipe clean with a cloth. Simple, effective and eco-friendly!

These are all very effective home cleaning solutions, which you can use in your cleaning routines. Give them a try and see for yourself why they remain timeless.  



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