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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean in Winter

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Winter means one thing for everyone in general, and that is more time spent indoors. Health conscious and hygienic homeowners will utilise the winter as a period to thoroughly clean the home. While there are many different approaches to a clean home, the following five ideas will guarantee you a comfortable home that is as healthy, as it is clean.

1. Clean Your Windows

Windows are your home’s source of daylight and fresh air although unfortunately they will usually stay shut through most of the winter. They should therefore be kept as clean as possible. If you have a fireplace, or if you burn candles, you can be sure that your windows will have a buildup of soot. Wiping with vinegar and water works great and leaves your windows clean and streak-free. Also, if your windows are prone to frosting on extremely cold days, then you can mix a half cup of rubbing alcohol with one quart of warm water, then clean your windows with it to prevent frosting.

2. Clean Your Kitchen Ceiling

Even when you have the best ventilation installed in your kitchen, the ceiling, along with the walls, will always be a magnet for cooking grime. The kitchen is arguably the most important part of any home, and knowing that winter presents the opportunity for plenty of warm meals, it is very necessary that you keep the kitchen clean. Simply mix some dish soap with some water and rub it down. Some spots may require more rubbing than the others, and the ceiling will require more work than the walls, but after you are done, you will have a grease and grime free kitchen to enjoy during winter.

Cosy Home in Winter3. Get Rid of Dust

There is no way you can have a completely clean home if you still have plenty of dust particles around. It's important that you clean your rugs, and clean behind the refrigerator, under the furniture, especially the sofas in the living room, tops of doors and artworks etc. You can use any preferred type of canister vacuum to get the job done. Using a commercial canister vacuums will clean the rugs faster, but residential vacuum cleaners may be better suited for cleaning corners and accomplishing other nonstandard jobs.

4. Disinfect Your Home

After you are done cleaning, the next step is to disinfect your home. This includes taking your garbage cans outside, washing and then disinfecting them. The toilet brush, including the toilet brush holder also needs disinfection, and as winter is the period of catching colds, it is a good idea to keep anti-bacterial wipes handy to sanitize frequently used surfaces, and thereby keep your home germ-free.

5. Prevent Tracked in Dirt

The fifth step is to prevent external dirt of all kinds from entering your home. You can achieve this by installing a boot scraper at your front door, adding a thick doormat, and by fixing a chair or a bench near your front door, for people to sit down and take off their shoes or boots. You can also use waterproof floor mats to protect extra-sensitive parts of your flooring in other locations.


It should be noted that no home can be 100% clean, but that's not the goal here. The goal here is to make your home as clean as possible, so that you can feel comfortable enough to truly relax and enjoy yourself. With the above 5 tips, you are sure to achieve this.



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