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5 Tricks To Encourage Cats To Always Use The Litter Tray

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Asking cats to use a litter tray inside the house is in some ways asking them to go against their instincts. So it's hardly surprising that the most common behavioral problem reported by owners concerns their pets not using the tray. Contrary to popular belief, mother cats do not teach their kittens to use the litter box. Kittens begin to dig in at about 4 weeks old without ever having observed their mothers doing so.As cats have a similar view to humans on the best place for a toilet. None of us like to eat too near the toilet, and none of us like to relax near it either, and so it is for cats.Unfortunately when litter training is not working it can also be one of the most unpleasant and frustrating problems to try and solve - but if you're having problems in this area do not despair!

Find a Nice Quiet Place

Cats like to have a lot of privacy when they go to bathroom. They're very shy animals. If your cat is mostly peeing in hidden places, like under furniture or in dark corners, it is because they don't feel secluded enough in their litter box. Make sure your cat's litter box is in a dark quiet place where they can have plenty of privacy.

Have the Right Tray

Avoid additions like deodorisers and tray liners, as they can put cats off using their trays. Litter tray design is also important. Make sure your choice of tray is large enough for the cat to move around in and, if he's older, that he can easily climb in and out of. A covered litter tray helps to provide privacy, along with helping to ensure litter remains within the tray. Look out also for a new generation of automated cat litter trays which can be programmed to remove soiled litter and solid matter.

Scoop It Up

Scooping immediately after they have been used and replacing the litter at least once a week suits most cats. The tray should be cleaned without using any substance that is highly perfumed or simulates urine smell, such as scented ammonia-based disinfectants.

Feeling Poorly  a Vet Visit

Urinary tract infections are a common cause of a cat peeing all over the house. Often a cat will inappropriately urinate because of a medical condition.

If you have problems with a cat not using his litter box please get him or her checked by a vet. Your vet can examine your cat for lower urinary tract diseases to rule out medical conditions which could be causing the inappropriate urination problem. For example a painful case of cystitis or urethral blockage may have your cat associating the pain of urination with it's litter tray and it will therefore avoid the litter tray.

New Litter

Try altering the type of litter you use. Some cats have a preference. Make changeovers gradually, mixing the new litter in with the old. If you've been using a large granular litter, change to a finer product, and fill the tray so that the cat has a good depth to dig in.

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