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7 Quick Tips to Clean and Organise Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is an essential part of any house, which is why it is important to keep it clean and well maintained at all times. If your bathroom seems a bit cluttered then these quick and easy tips will help you to get it organised and clean in no time at all.  

Put a shine on itClean Bathroom
Always ensure that the taps, mirrors, sinks, and countertops are always clean and shiny. You can easily create a natural cleaning solution from ingredients in your cupboards. Combine water and white vinegar to create a mixture perfect for wiping away soap residue and toothpaste spatters from hard surfaces.

Throw away anything you don't use
Identify the things you need and those that can be thrown away. Generally, if you havenít used something for over a year, get rid of it. This is the fastest way to clean up the clutter and remove mess from the bathroom. Although make sure you recycle and keep in mind items which can be modified for use elsewhere.

Use a shelf caddy
A shelf caddy will guarantee you keep your bathroom essentials organised. Put items in groups for easier access and you can even label compartments for easier identification. Place your most commonly used products in the caddy and keep items like spare soap and cleaning products in a cupboard out of view.

Clean tiles/walls
The tiles and walls should be kept clean at all times. Soap residue along with other dirt can become a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause surfaces to become slippery. You can make an all natural, homemade all-purpose cleaner by adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda and several drops of essential oil to white vinegar and water. Another easier option is to use equipment like a steam cleaner.

Store items in baskets
If you donít have much cupboard space, storage problems can be addressed by using baskets. A few rustic baskets will really alleviate the space in the bathroom. Repurposing baskets by painting them and hanging them on the wall can also be a creative way to save space. You can then use these to hold items such as spare towels, toiletries and other bathroom necessities.

Keep the sink clean
According to studies, a bathroom sink can hold a huge bacterial count. This should be addressed carefully as it can cause you to get quite unwell. It is highly recommended to regularly sanitise the sink to reduce the number of bacteria present. A simple natural method for daily cleaning is to combine vinegar, baking soda and hot water, which will keep the area free from grime.

Maintain the space
It is important to keep and save the space in the bathroom. Let go of items that are seldom used or not used at all. Store only the items needed in the bathroom and avoid overstocking as this just takes up a lot of space. If you can, take time to clean the bathroom daily by spraying down shower screens after each use, wiping round the sink and putting empty toilet tube rolls in the bin!

The bathroom plays an important role in our everyday lives so should always be well maintained, clean and organised. Remember that better living starts with a healthy lifestyle and clean environment.



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