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8 Tips To Solve Cat Litter Tray problems

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Are you having problems getting your cat to use the litter tray? Although very stressful for both yourself and the cat, this is a normal problem and usually can be easily resolved. Unless of course you're doing something totally wrong like filling a shoe with pebbles or offering your poor cat full use of the en suite.

Here are a few suggestions that may help:

1. Make sure the litter tray is clean. Whether human or animal no-one likes to use a dirty toilet, and if the litter tray is dirty your cat will look for another place. Remember if you can smell it just imagine what it smells like to a cat as their sense of smell is 14 times stronger than yours.  Which may explain that look you get occasionally (you know the one)

2. It could be as simple as the litter tray is too small for the cat, try getting a bigger one. For example if they can barely fit a paw into the box or spill over the sides like a badly baked muffin it's doubtful they'll want to use it.

3. Placement of the litter tray is also important. Wherever possible always place the litter tray in a quiet and private spot.  Not on top of the TV or the middle of the table during a family meal.

4. Some cats just donít like to share, so if you have more than one cat, you may want to purchase a litter tray for each of them.  Seems a bit bratty but it does work!

5. Make sure you donít place the litter tray near or next to your catís food/water. Would you want to eat a gourmet meal of salmon en croute next to an open toilet? 

6. Have you changed the cat litter? Just like humans, some cats just donít like change. They may not like the feel/smell of the new litter. Go back to the old litter and slowly introduce the new litter by mixing in with the old, until all you use is the new litter.

7. If your cat is using the same place outside the litter tray each time, try moving the litter tray to that location, and then gradually try to move it back to where you want it. Picking up the cat mid-toilet, however tempting, isn't pleasant for anyone involved.

8. If your cat insists on using various locations try putting their food and water in these places, this may deter them.

If you have tried most of the above and they still fail, you may want to experiment with a wider variety of litter or take a trip to the vets as your cat may have a medical reason why they wonít use the litter tray.

Cats are very clean animals, so there will always be a reason for why they arenít using the litter tray. Another reason may be stress, if your cat has been ill or had an operation; maybe you have just moved house and the cat doesnít recognise its surroundings. Or you have introduced another animal to the house and this is the cats way of telling you itís not happy.

Whatever the cause itís important not to shout or punish your cat as this will only stress them out more making the situation worse. If you remain calm and relaxed your cat will also too and hopefully you will resolve the situation.

There are of course a wide variety of different litters on the market today from so experiment with them. Our own Natural and Clean cat litter is a 100% natural, biodegradable and safe alternative to clays and silica cat litters. Find out more by visiting our website here



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