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Bin Deodoriser

A natural, probiotic cleaning product to completely eliminate odour in the home

Natural & Clean probiotic bin deodoriser contains powerful naturally occurring 'active microbes' which attack the root causes of unwanted odours, neutralising and removing bad smells quickly at their source. Ideal for use on both indoor and outdoor bins, this safe, environmentally responsible cleaning solution offers total cleaning power without the use of nasty ingredients or masking agents.

For best results
Spray directly onto offending areas. For bins: open bin or remove lid and spray internal surface liberally. Close or replace lid and use as normal, no need to rinse out.

Natural & Clean bin deodoriser is both solvent & phosphate free and completely safe to people, animals, plants and the planet.

Available in 300ml

This product is no longer available. 

Unfortunately this product has now been discontinued. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



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