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BioClean Limescale Remover

Introducing a powerful new limescale remover capable of out-performing traditional acid-based products whilst also being safe for use on most bathroom and kitchen hard surfaces.

Say hello to our new acid replacement technology!

This new non-toxic yet highly effective product will completely remove limescale on a variety of surfaces including taps, tiles, sinks, shower screens, kettles and pipework without causing damage or eating into surfaces and sealants. A superior, environmentally responsible and safe alternative to harsh chemical acid-based products.

Based on a low pH organic salt solution, this product reacts with limescale on contact turning it into liquid form for instant and safe removal.

To prove just how effective this product is we 'borrowed' a filthy shower head and cleaned it using just a few sprays. After a few minutes we wiped and rinsed it off. As you can see - the results are incredible!

Showerhead with limescale before cleaning with bioclean acid free limescale remover imageshowerhead after cleaning with bioclean acid free limescale remover image

Finally, an effective limescale remover which is also safe for people, pets and the planet

Available in 500ml

Also available at Scotts of Stow

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