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Going Green with Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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You probably didnít know that carpet cleaning may imply the use of noxious synthetic chemicals, some of whom are linked to serious medical issues, such as kidney and liver damage and cancer, or known to cause dizziness, nausea and fatigue if inhaled or ingested. There have also been claims by different environmental protection agencies about their detrimental effect on the human central nervous system. Aside from these direct threats to our health, such chemicals can also pollute groundwater if disposed of in an improper manner.

Natural Solutions

In recent times, we have witnessed growing awareness about the health impacts of various cleaning products, and those used for carpets are no exception. When applied during the cleaning process, these products penetrate the air, and can easily be ingested afterwards. For this reason, you should use non-toxic chemicals that are safe for your babies and pets, according to the people from Total Carpet Clean.

This has given rise to the emergence of more natural cleaning agents and formulas. Some of them are homemade, such as a mixture of vinegar, water and baking soda for stain removal or a combination of essential oils and baking soda used as a carpet freshener, while others can be purchased in stores, and an increasing number of them are now based on plants instead of chemicals.

Coupled with the rise of green carpet cleaning products also came recommendations about developing healthy home cleaning habits. Influential green living website Eartheasy.com elaborates on this topic.  For instance, proper carpet maintenance involves frequent and thorough vacuuming, at least once a week, in order to remove deeply embedded dirt and dust that can wear out and split the carpet fibers, which can reduce the needed for using carpet cleaning products. 

Eco-Friendly Professionals

If you are considering a professional service to take care of your carpets, you should know that the rising importance of green living practices has motivated certain companies to eschew noxious chemicals in favor of natural solutions and generally be more committed to environmental protection. Most of them are local businesses, so itís up to you learn about those eco-friendly ones in your area.

For a carpet cleaning company to be considered truly eco-friendly, it must not only avoid using harmful solvents, detergents and enzymes, but also consume less water and have systems for treating or transporting wastewater responsibly after cleaning. Wastewater from carpet cleaning must first be filtrated or treated so as to get rid of contaminants, rather than go straight down the drain. Read this splendid article to learn more about wastewater management in carpet cleaning. So, if you are concerned about the environmental safety, make sure that the cleaning service of your choice meets all these requirements.

Author Bio: Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast ever so keen on doing various DIY projects around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of companies from all over the globe.



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