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Guest Post: Earth-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

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Our bathrooms have a nasty habit of getting dirty pretty fast and generally requiring regular maintenance. To this end, a lot of people tend to use certain products without thinking about their potentially harmful effects to our health and the environment. Well, they should think twice, as there are different natural cleaning solutions, both home-made and commercial.  

Shower & Tub

Mixing baking soda and natural soap will provide you with a powerful solution for removing soap scum, much more sensible to use than some store-bought products that contain sodium hydroxide, which can irritate your skin or pose threat to your respiratory system. This paste can be used to remove not only soap scum from the shower door, but also rust and hard water stains on tiles. You can rub the paste into the surface using a cloth or sponge, then wipe everything clean with warm water. If you apply it with toothbrush, this potent mixture can also help you get rid of grout stains.  

Vinegar is yet another amazing natural cleaning solution. If you spray the corners of your shower with it, let it dry, spray again and wipe clean, this will remove mildew and build-up from them. Since we all know that prevention is better than cure, donít be lazy and spray down your shower with a mixture of vinegar and water after each use to prevent mold and mildew from developing. This mixture can also be used to clean your vinyl or plastic shower curtains. Read this splendid article to learn more on how vinegar kills bacteria.


When they want to get their toilet bowls sparkling white, some people simple grab the bleach, not knowing that they could use natural products. A home-made, non-toxic alternative is a mixture of vinegar and a bit of baking soda. All you have to do is to pour this mixture into your toilet bowl, let it sit for about half an hour and then scrub the bowl. You should repeat this action once a week. If you are looking for a simpler one-stop solution, you could use one of the commercial natural products that work on biological instead of chemical action


ďA drain can be blocked by foreign objects or debris such as hair, soap, fats, foods and sanitary item, or it can be blocked by heavy rains and storms that leave behind dirt, leaves and other such materĒ, tell us the people from Sydney-based LPZ Plumbing Services. For this reason, proper maintenance is the best way to keep blockages at bay. You should flush your drains with boiling water on weekly basis and place small screens atop them to keep them clean.

Should a blockage occur, however, it is always better to use mechanical devices, such as a drain snake or plunger, than to pour harsh sodium hydroxide compounds down the drain. When it comes to proven homemade remedies, you can pour a mixture of the good old vinegar with a handful of baking soda, and follow it with boiling water. Alternatively, you could use some of the ready-to-use enzyme based products, as they are non-caustic and wonít facilitate combustion, which is not the case with sodium hydroxide compounds.


Author Bio: Lillian Connors is a blogger and home improvement enthusiast ever so keen on doing various DIY projects around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely collaborating with a number of companies from all over the globe.



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