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Guest Post: Keeping your pet's fur under control

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As every pet-owner knows, spring and fall are peak shedding seasons, but if left unattended, furry things can get really ugly. As a proud owner of two dogs, Brando and Astoria, and a feline gentleman who goes by the name of Archibald, I can tell you that shedding can be a real menace both for the animal and the owner as cleaning up stray fur is often neither easy nor effective. However, I picked a few eco-friendly fur-busting tips along the way, so Iím sharing them with you here in hopes it saves other pet-owning environmentalists some time, money and effort when dealing with shedding pets.

lifting pet fur from carpetRun for cover: Protecting upholstery from fur

Affordable, eco-friendly and available in most pet stores, upholstery covers offer a simple yet effective way to protect your furniture from fallout fur in the shedding season. Designed specifically for pet owners plagued by shedding woes, furniture covers are typically made from machine-washable fabric so you can throw them in the washer for a quick rinse. If you want to maximize the efficiency of slipcovers in your upholstery protection endeavors, try washing the cloths on hot water settings to eliminate fleas, flea eggs and dust mites.

Brush Ďtill dawn: Safest way to pick up hairs

In shedding seasons, regular brushing with a pet comb is the best way to ensure fallout fur does not spread all over the place. Though brushing wonít make your pet shed any less, it will definitely help you keep the floors and furniture clean and hair-free. Plus, daily grooming regimens will help your furry friend get a shiny, soft new coat. When choosing the brush, pick grooming implements made specifically for cats or dogs, but you can also experiment with different brush types if you want to achieve best results. A piece of wisdom from the expert - I've bought my furminator at Stefmar, for both my dogs and cat and it works like magic even in the weeks of most intense shedding.

Tasty treats: Dietary changes and supplements to combat sheddingDog hair cut on grass

One of the important aspects of your petís life that can greatly impact shedding intensity is the petís diet quality and proper intake of all critical nutrients. In case your feline or canine pal tends to shed excessively and is prone to bald patches, you should consult the vet about potential changes in the animalís dietary regimen. Supplements like Omega-6, Omega-3 oil and raw flaxseed oil can add shine and softness to your petís fur and reduce shedding, but you should discuss them with the vet before introducing them to your furry friendís diet.

Clean all around: Maintaining home hygiene

To maintain hygiene in the shedding season, regularly vacuum-clean, dust and mop your home to eliminate fallout fur and oust fleas and dust mites. To fight stubborn stray fur on upholstery and rugs, use lint rollers, electrostatic cloths, lint brushes and damp handkerchiefs, and consider buying an air purifier to keep animal hair, dander and other allergens in check.

Shedding is a part of any pet (and pet-ownerís) life, so youíd better get used to it fast. If you follow these simple yet effective tricks, you and your furry friend will survive the lint-casting season with no major problems and with a lot less stray fur in the air.



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