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How to Reduce Odours from Pets

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Multiple scientific studies have shown that spending time with animals and pets can reduce stress. In fact, ďcat cafesĒ are popping up all over Japan and in London so that those who cannot have pets can benefit from their calming therapeutic properties. However, pets can also be messy, smelly and when they molt, can mean that your home itself becomes your own furry friend!

So how can you enjoy living with pets, particularly long haired dogs, without incurring the odors that can be so common with owning some of the larger breeds?

Well this is not a new problem, and it's one that has been faced by many so there are multiple solutions on the market designed specifically to mitigate dog odors. But undeniably the best thing, first and foremost, is to keep your pets clean and groomed themselves - the cleaner, better groomed the pet, it goes without saying, the less intense and the more manageable the odour will be.

So haircuts, baths and regular trips to the groomers is the first and most obvious port of call of a odourless pet household.

But we all know that every so often this is not enough, and regardless how well we keep our pets clean and fresh they still leave that recognisable dog or cat smell.

Natural and Clean Group of Household Pets ImageWhat often gets missed, however, is that the pet's items need to be regularly cleaned as well. Beds are an obvious one, we all know that an uncleaned dog bed will start smelling after not long, however how often do you replace toys? Wash blankets or towels? Clean balls, chews and teddies? These can all contribute to pet odors after time and should be cleaned on a weekly basis.

Itís often said that in cleaning, baking soda is a magic ingredient and this remains true for managing pet odors, too. If you have a cat, adding baking soda to their litter box can help contain smells, and all cat lovers will know, a fresh litter box makes all the difference!

Also sprinkling baking soda on carpets before vacuuming can absorb bad smells, so if you find that odors donít shift even when your house is spic and span, then this should help eliminate stubborn fabric and carpet odors. If you are training a puppy, baking soda is also excellent for sprinkling on immediately after any accidents!

Another great tip is to add dryer sheets into a pet's bed. You can buy scented dryer sheets to add in to the tumble dryer to help make clothes smell fresh (like these), however these also work great on pets! Sew in a zip to a bed where the pet canít access them and add one in every few days.

As mentioned earlier, thereís products on the market that have been developed specifically for this problem, so when carpet cleaning, think about adding a HEPA filter to your vacuum. HEPA filters are good at eliminating pet odors as they are designed to pick up smaller particles that can cause bad smells.  

Finally, if all else fails, neutralising odor sprays really work for breaking down the bad smell particles and you can even buy specific ones designed for specific pets. Room deodorisers work in the background to prevent unwanted smells getting out of hand whilst triggers sprays can tackle the problem as it happens.

Hope this helps have an odor free, happy, pet loving home!



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