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Minimize your time in the kitchen cleaning after a dinner party

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October Guest Post by Roxana Oliver

I love food, I love cooking and I love dinner parties. This is not surprising if you knew I grew up in a family of food enthusiasts. In my family, dinner parties are not organized only for major holidays such as Christmas and Easter, but on a weekly basis, as well.

Almost every Sunday I host a dinner party and in truth, the cleaning afterwards no longer makes me sick. The reason for this: I worked out how to minimize my time in the kitchen after a party. So, now Iím passing on these useful cleaning tips to you.

1. Choose the right cookware

Dinner party cooking and dishes collageI cannot stress enough how much your choice of cookware can influence the amount of time you will spend cleaning after cooking. High-quality cookware needs soaking only, while lower-quality ones can mean spending hours in the kitchen after the party.

Whether it is made of stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, or copper, every type of kitchenware has its advantages and disadvantages. What is important is that you buy it from a trusted brand. You can choose any brand you like, but I would recommend you go with ones that are cleaned with ease.

2. Pack the leftovers

When you clear the table, start packing up the leftovers. Do not, at any cost, leave them over night. They should be refrigerated within two hours. Use plastic containers rather than just covering them with a plastic wrap. Categorize them and pack them in more small containers rather than one large, or use an airtight bag.

3. Soak the dishes

Everything which can be cleaned easily such as plates and glasses, you can put in a dishwater immediately after the party. You do not need to pre-rinse it. However, when it comes to removing grease and stuck-on food on the bottom of pots and pans, or cleaning burnt pots, there is a trick you can do.

Fill them with hot water, add a spoon of baking soda and turn on the stove. Let the water boil for 4-5 minutes. You will be surprised how easily you can clean the burn pot afterwards.

For more pot related cleaning tips, I recommend this article.  

Cleaning pots and crockery collage4. Tablecloths, napkins and dishcloths

Another common mistake is putting stained linen in the washing machine right after the party. Before you go to bed, check your linen and soak it if necessary. There are various ways to treat stained tablecloths depending on the type of stain. Make sure you soak the linen before bed, so that you can put it in a washer the next morning.  Choosing the right kitchenware too is essential and my recommendation is not to go overboard but just have the essential pieces from quality brands.

5. Before the party

There are some tips and tricks you can apply during the cooking process so that you spend even less time in the kitchen. Line pans and pots with foil before you use them to prevent the possible burn on food and make them easier to clean. You can also foil line on your lid, as well. While you are preparing meat, use butcher paper to cover the counter. In this way, you do not need to clean the counter, just toss the paper in the bin.

When you are cooking, apply the cooking spray wherever you can. You can buy it in any store, but it is just as easy to make it yourself.

Finally, try to clean the dishes in stages. This means that after using pre-prep dishes, put them in a dishwasher or wash them yourself in order to save you time. You do not want to have more dirty dishes than necessary after the party.

So with all this in mind hopefully youíll end up not needing to dedicate more than a half hour for post party clean up. With a little bit of organization, you can finish cleaning and go to bed not worrying about it in the morning.



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