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Natural & Clean Carpet Daisy Brush

The Carpet Daisy Brush is used to clean carpets effectively without water. The unique roller brush works at a consistent angle and depth to distribute Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner evenly, therefore effectively agitating and cleaning the carpet.

Special Features

The sturdy, adjustable handle allows you to work at a comfortable and ergonomic operational position.The radial curvature of the brush allows uniform distribution of the Dry Carpet cleaner.The side wheels give support to the brush block, creating a consistant angle for the brush to clean effectively.

The two brush settings - easy or aggressive,  give you the flexibility to clean different types of carpet.The easy to apply powder is simply vacuumed away after once dry. The Daisy Brush comes with a dual bristle design, one side for standard cleaning; the second more rigid side is for aggressive lifting and grooming. The radial-oriented bristles lift debris upward from the bottom of the carpet.

Unlike wet extraction, your carpet is ready to walk on immediately.The Daisy Brush is easily cleaned using tap water.The Daisy Brush is lightweight, durable and has a retractable handle for easy storage.The Daisy Brush can easily clean hard floors, boats or caravans.

The handle extends the brush from 3ft - 5ft to suit your height - so no need to bend!

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