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Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner - 3kg

The most simple and quick way to clean carpets

The tiny, soft sponge-like granules absorb dirt when agitated into the carpet fibre (or any other surface). You can agitate them with your fingers or a soft bristle brush leaving carpets clean, dry and fresh - ready for immediate use. The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner change colour as they dissolve and absorb the dirt from the carpet fibres, trapping the dirt until vacuumed away.

Safe to use

Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is a natural, organic and biodegradable product, dermatologically balanced - pH 5.5 - (the same pH as human skin and wool fibres) making it safe to handle and use. The highly absorbent Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is impregnated with environmentally aware cleaning formulae which leaves no sticky residues to attract dirt. Solvent & phosphate free.     

Suitable for every type of carpeting

The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner has been developed to clean both man-made and natural fibres including coir and sisal. The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner has passed the rigorous independent tests of the Wool Board and carries the 'suitable for use on wool' endorsement.

Benefits of dry carpet cleaning

The Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is successfully used in all types of facilities throughout the world such as homes, hospitals and nursing homes, offices, hotels, shops, showrooms, banks and airports. In facilities requiring regular maintenance, busy 24 hour access, sensitive computer rooms, raised flooring with high voltage or where low moisture is required, the Natural & Clean dry carpet system excels.

"After a number of attempts trying to remove radiator oil from my carpet I was introduced to Natural and Clean’s Dry Carpet Cleaner. The results were clear to see straight away and after just a few applications the carpet looks and feels so much better than it did. I doubt anyone would know there had been a stain there which was not the case before! What a great product! I shall certainly recommend it to my friends."


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