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Spring Cleaning Basics

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Spring is almost here, and that means itís time to get out of heavy winter clothes, put on your sunglasses, and head out to enjoy the warmer weather Ė as soon as youíre done with a floor-to-ceiling cleanup, that is. As demanding and dull spring cleaning and home organisation might be, you shouldnít start yet another cycle of seasons with your living area conquered by clutter and dirt. If you want to master the forthcoming cleanup, here are a few basic tricks that can make the task go easier on your energy and nerves.

Clean room
Out with Clutter, in with Sparkle

Before you proceed to wipe your nest squeaky clean, it is always a good idea to throw out clutter and cleanse you home of stale energy. In Feng Shui, excess belongings are linked to the suffering that comes from attachment to the material world, and as such has no place in a lovely home. Even without the energy hitch in the mix, you should keep tabs on the amount of items own, and the spring clean will be a perfect opportunity to rid your wardrobe of bulk. Divide any clutter into three piles: Keep, Toss, and Donate, and be merciless with the volume of stuff that goes into the latter two.

Hardwood Pieces in Shiny Attire

Nothing says 'Home, sweet home' better than freshly polished hardwood. Wipe wood surfaces with a cloth damped with a solution made from water and eco-safe dishwashing liquid. Once the wood has dried, apply eco-friendly wood wax to it and rub it in well using a cotton rag. Allow a few hours for the wax to dry well before you proceed to buff the timber with a clean and soft cloth.

Stain-Free Sheen of Metalwares

As tidy and chic your nest may be, itís the fine details that can shatter its appeal, so donít forget to treat the metalware to a dose of tender, love, and care. To remove accumulated grease, dirt, debris, and stains from metal, apply a homemade cleaning paste to the surface with the help of a soft microfiber cloth. In case the surface is just lightly stained, a liquid eco-friendly polish and an impregnated cloth will be enough to do the trick.

A Deep and Fragrant Rug Cleanse

Now that winter is almost over, now is a perfect time to roll up carpets and take them out for a deep clean. Vacuum and clean rugs with waterproof backing using a green cleaning solution and allow them enough time to dry in the sun before you store them away until autumn or return them indoors. In case you have backing-free rugs in your home, you should have them cleaned by professional rug cleaners to minimize risk of wear and tear.

A Fresh and Scented Bed to Lie InLaying on clean bed

Over time, even a first-rate mattress can become a source of sleepless nights and runny noses. To put your dreams on the safe and healthy track, have the mattress steam-cleaned and flip it over to the other side to aid sleep comfort. If your home budget can afford it, you can have all upholstered furniture deep-cleaned to reduce the risk of asthma attacks and respiratory issues. To max out indoor air quality and freshness, you can invest in an air purifier for allergies caused by airborne irritants such as pet dander, pollen, and mold.

Soft, Stylish and Cleanliness Scented

Spring cleaning is a perfect chance to take down heavy drapes and have them washed. The same applies for pillows and cushions: wash padded items at a low temperature to eliminate germs and restore the fluff. If the cushions are wrapped in sensitive fabric, you should have them cleaned by professional cleaners; this will help avoid ugly washing machine surprises such as torn fabric and padding sprawled all over the drum.

A Crystal Clean View of the World

To round off the spring clean, wipe all ceilings, walls, corners, windows, and doors in your home clean, vacuum the floors to banish dust, and use an organic degreaser to remove grime, stains, and stubborn dirt from tiles and glass surfaces. Now thatís what you call a winning view to wake up to!

No Sealant Hitches Left Unattended

Sealant lines usually found in tiled kitchens and bathrooms can loosen due to humidity buildup over time, which is why you should use the spring cleaning spree to inspect the grout lines for signs of wear. Once youíve cleaned the bathroom with an eco-friendly cleaning solution, check grout lines. If you spot signs of sealant wear, remove loose silicone and clean grout lines before you reapply the silicone.

We all know cleaning isnít exactly everyoneís top favorite thing to do in the first days of spring, but it still needs to be done if you want to welcome the new cycle of seasons in a chic and tidy home. Roll up your sleeves and get down to work: your living area wonít clean itself, you know.



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