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Top Tips to Keep Your Pets Happy This Bonfire Night

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Everyone loves bonfire night. Barbeques in the winter, hot chocolate and cinnamon snacks illuminated by a roaring fire backdrop and topped off with a dramatic fireworks display.   
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However, despite how wondrous the festivities are pets just donít seem to quite be able to enjoy it with us.  Confused why us humans would want to hang around in the dark, cold of night just to watch bright flashes and explosions will always remain a mystery to them. Nonetheless, these simple tips should ensure you and your pets get to enjoy this lively annual event.

1.  Always keep your pets indoors. You might think the fireworks are so pretty you donít want your pet to miss them, but believe me, they would much prefer to stay well away.  Not only that, make sure they arenít home alone.  If fireworks are being let off close to your home it is likely they will be frightened and nervous. If youíre home with them you can reassure them and distract them from the noises outside.

2.  When I think of fireworks night I think of delicious barbeque food and sugary snacks. Why not also extend the indulgences to your pets? A large dog bone, or treat toy will really help to keep pets distracted during the evening.

3.  Wear them out. No, seriously. Take your dog for a nice long walk before darkness sets in, keep throwing a ball for them or run with them. If you have a cat and theyíre in a playful mood, tease them with string or a cat toy. This way, as the night draws in they will be much less active and hopefully, quite likely to sleep through most of it.

4.  Keep calm and carry on. If youíre hearing multiple explosions outside try not to react to them, or instinctively rush to your pet to protect them. This will only serve to make them more anxious. Instead, relax and carry on with your normal routine. If youíre relaxed Ė your pet is relaxed.

5.  Build a den or fort. This is great to do at the best of times but even more effective on bonfire night. Pets tend to seek out shelter when theyíre scared so a little makeshift bunker will really help to relax them.

6.  If youíre not interested in the fireworks outside then close up your curtains and blinds to block out the flashing lights. Who cares if thatís at 2 in the afternoon?

7.  Music is the best medicine. Iím not suggesting playing speed garage or Norwegian black metal all night (unless of course your pets specifically request those genres) but pleasant background music with an upbeat tempo will help to drown out the commotion outside. Youíll be even more successful if you have double-glazing and all doors and windows are shut tight.  

By following the above guides you and your pets ought to be able to enjoy a pleasant, quiet and stress-free bonfire night. However, if you feel like youíre missing out you could always charge yourself £5 for a coffee, queue to use the toilet and watch the highlights on the television. Your pet will appreciate the sacrifice! 



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