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What Makes Cat Wee Smell

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Cats are well designed to survive in a variety of situations, and one of their talents is the ability to use water affectively. Cat urine is also a lot more concentrated than dog or human urine. You may have noticed that your cat doesnít drink much water, which adds to the highly concentrated formula. Their bodies work by squeezing every last ounce of moisture out of their food, making their urine super rich. It is this concentration of waste that gives the urine of all cats a strong smell.  

Cat urine is made up of urea, uric acid, sodium chloride (salt) and other electrolytes - the uric acid is the main cause of the smell. The chemical breakdown works as the bacteria present in the urine breakdowns the urea and releases ammonia. Ammonia is the chemical mainly responsible for the stale cat wee stench. The next stage of the chemical breakdown is even worse, realising mercaptan Ė the same awful smell skunks spray! 

Itís important to mention that all cats are different. They have different diets, different exercise habits, different environments, so if you donít think your cats urine smells consider yourself lucky! 

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Boys Smell

In addition to their concentrated urine, males cat urine is full of testosterone making it smell stronger than female cats or neutered male.

Even when your male cat is litter trained, he may still be likely to spray other areas of your home occasionally. Tomcats are hardwired to stake out their territory, protect it from other males and to find a lady. If they ever catch a whiff of another cat, which could happen just by you opening your door and letting the scent of another cat in, your male is likely to begin marking what is his. 

Change in Smell

While cat wee does smell, a change in the scent may be a sign there is an issue that needs to be addressed. The issue could be could be something as small as needing to buy new cat litter or needing to clean the litter tray. But if the smell gets progressively worse or you notice your cat using the litter tray more than normal, it might be worth a trip to the vets just to be sure.

As cats get older, the smell can also get worse. Due to older cats kidneys losing some of their efficiency. 

So how do we get rid of this annoying and embarrassing odour?

First find the exact spot where your cat has urinated and once located you need to remove it as soon as possible.

There are lots of odour removers on the market, you will need a product that removes the odour rather than masking it. Our Natural and Clean Spot & Odour Remover is effective in removing all odours left by pets including cat spray, urine, vomit, faeces and hairballs. Itís designed to attack and eliminate odours and their offending causes naturally. The nonpathogenic microbial formulation breaks down organic compounds to completely remove the odour at the source. 

It is also extremely important to keep your cat litter tray clean, cats can be very fussy about their toileting habits and if their tray is too dirty to use they may use your carpet instead.

Here at Natural and Clean we can offer you clumping and non-clumping cat litters, with patented odour control that removes the smell of urine permanently. 

There are lots of different types of cat litter available on the market today which we explored in our earlier blog 'Tips to Help You Find the Right Cat Litter'



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